Matt started playing drums before high school and played in a couple of basement jam bands named U.N.A.W.E.A.R and Pepperjack and the Cheese Bandits. Early 2007 Matt approached Travis and another guitarist wanting to start a metal band so he could try vocals, else fall back on drums. The other guitarist was not interested yet Travis was and he had a friend (Jared Newport) that wanted to play bass guitar. Vocals ended working out for Matt so Darkness (Derrick) joined the band as drummer. The band named themselves Blunt Force Trauma and started playing shows. In 2009 the band moved to Salina KS and changed their name to Screams of Kroenen to increase their online reach. SoK released a full lengthed album in 2013 titled Don’t Worry About it Stupid. At the end of 2015 SoK went on hiatus. During which Matt and Darkness tried starting other bands but with no success. In 2019 Screams of Kroenen decided to get back together with the exception of Jared being replaced by Adam. With the maturity of music and writing the band decided to change the name one last time to Reform In Ruin.